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name: Kimberly Grissom <>
country: USA

comments: What a wonderful Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed Dec 31 0:09:49 2008
name: Eduardo <>
country: USA

comments: Hola, me gusto leer los libros del ninos en Espaneol
Fri Dec 26 16:23:40 2008
name: ferry edison <>
country: indonesia

comments: thanks to volunteers god bless you all
Thu Dec 25 5:52:04 2008
name: rana lee berman <>
country: united states

comments: thanks
Mon Dec 22 13:34:07 2008
name: Anne Haley <>
country: USA

comments: Love this idea!
Sat Dec 20 0:20:31 2008
name: Rita Chard <>
country: United States

comments: OMG - This is heavenly! thank you.
Sat Dec 13 14:11:55 2008
name: Tammy Duong <>
country: USA

comments: I love this website
Fri Dec 12 19:17:09 2008
name: lynne <>
country: us

comments: Thanks so much for the program online.
Thu Dec 11 14:32:54 2008
name: Dora Basargin <>
country: united states

comments: I'm looking for a book from my childhood. the book was about a couple who always ate cheese and milk. they were poor. the wife made socks out of the husbands shirt to sell to get cheese and milk. I really want to find it. i hope you can help. thank you.
Wed Dec 10 19:04:52 2008
name: allie <>
country: united states

comments: these are wonderful books, i wish more books like these were online for children to read. that can't go to the library.
Sun Dec 7 21:40:40 2008
name: Deepti <>
country: US

comments: I want to read books to my lil son.
Fri Dec 5 13:34:48 2008
name: Michael Sabo <>
country: United States of America

comments: Wonderful site. I'm 60 and trying to learn Italian.
Wed Dec 3 16:32:05 2008
name: Blane Guzman

comments: I am learning to read!
Sun Nov 30 19:51:03 2008
name: Dennis Griffin <>
country: USA

comments: Great idea, looking forward to seeing more of this site.
Fri Nov 28 18:26:56 2008
name: Atukorale <>
country: Sri Lanka

comments: I remeber reading some of these books when I was a child.I think I am lucky enough to read them again after 55 years. Thank you very much for your sincere effort.
Thu Nov 27 3:37:08 2008
name: amir <>
country: iran

comments: tanx
Tue Nov 25 1:40:01 2008
name: soran <>
country: kurdistan

comments: hi
Mon Nov 24 14:33:10 2008
name: Kurt Roi
country: USA

comments: I love this website,my mom and I read your books every night!
Sat Nov 22 23:37:51 2008
name: aida <>
country: romania

comments: I love this site!!!
Thu Nov 20 7:58:01 2008
name: carson

comments: hi i love to READ!!!
Wed Nov 19 20:08:56 2008
name: Tricia Jacob <>
country: Trinidad and Tobago

comments: Is a lovely selection of children books. My little one loves the stories. He's too small to read but he knows the site..he's only three. One thing i'd like to ask there a way to hear the story?
Tue Nov 18 5:59:17 2008
name: Pattie Meyer

comments: I'm searching for online children's literature.
Mon Nov 17 4:40:09 2008
name: KATE OLIVER <>
country: USA

comments: this is a wonderful web site I will tell everyone about it.
Fri Nov 14 20:12:14 2008
name: Jill <>
country: usa

comments: This is great, I use it for my grandkids visits
Fri Nov 14 19:12:05 2008
name: Fiona Gay <>
country: USA

comments: This great to know this is available online.
Fri Nov 14 13:36:30 2008
name: RL <>
country: USA

comments: What a great collection of books that I stumbled on, looking for Uncle Wiggly books. I wanted to share with my children some of my early memories of my grandmother reading to me books that she read to her children when they were young. I was delighted to span the four generations by reading about how Uncle Wiggly saved the day - as he always did. The illustrations captivated me as a children and the images are just as I remembered them. Thank you!
Thu Nov 13 22:15:35 2008
name: andreia miguel <>
country: guam

comments: hi i love the Rosetta Project! they are un 2 read thank-you
Wed Nov 12 0:05:15 2008
name: janardhana poral <>
country: india

comments: i would like to experience your site
Sun Nov 9 20:47:22 2008
name: Kiko Hirano <>
country: Canada

comments: This my first time on this site - it is wonderful! I am looking for an old fairy tale that I read in the '50's. Hope you will be able to find it for me.
Sat Nov 8 14:16:11 2008
name: Laura Hall <>
country: USA

comments: I love this site. Thanks so much for making it available.
Sat Nov 8 1:03:54 2008
name: lisa <>
country: scotland

comments: this is a great site
Wed Nov 5 17:14:36 2008
name: Barbara Bockman <>
country: USA

comments: A worthy project. Wishing you all success.
Wed Nov 5 16:41:48 2008
name: kiran <>
country: leicester

comments: i love the rabbit books they are soo unique:D
Mon Nov 3 13:48:45 2008
name: ghrafy <>
country: Saudi

comments: to have some idea
Mon Nov 3 7:04:39 2008
name: lalit <>
country: india

comments: good story collections
Mon Nov 3 0:43:18 2008
name: Mary Zupp <>
country: USA

comments: I amJust starting to review your site
Sun Nov 2 1:31:15 2008
country: FEORGIA

comments: THANLS
Sun Oct 19 22:47:28 2008
name: Kim Adams

comments: My son loves being read to. He is 2 years old and I am always looking for good books for him. Anything with horses
Mon Oct 13 10:51:31 2008
name: Xiaomay Wang

comments: I also like more and more children could read and visit the website.
Mon Oct 13 4:19:33 2008
name: Steven

comments: A great idea
Wed Oct 8 16:12:03 2008
name: Irene <>
country: US

comments: I was very impressed with the information and the different editions of Editha's Burglar (A story for children )but none of your editions matched my 4x6 edition of the story. My little hard back book is green with little girls on the cover. Would you know anything about this edition? My book also has the pictures. Thank You for any information you might have.
Thu Oct 2 19:51:13 2008
name: sheela

comments: i would like to view some e books online. Thx
Wed Oct 1 9:26:05 2008
name: jessica
country: usa

comments: i appreciate this website!! but im not sure how to get the library....
Thu Sep 25 11:32:26 2008
name: Debasis Mohanty <>
country: India

comments: It is a greate source of learning for children.
Thu Sep 25 6:40:33 2008
name: Deborah El <>
country: USA

comments: This site is wonderful!
Mon Sep 22 11:12:50 2008
name: neriah alcantara- <>
country: Japan

comments: i want to join this on line reading club.
Mon Sep 22 7:51:25 2008
name: chimgee <>
country: Mongolia

comments: Just good web. thank you.
Sat Sep 20 3:08:06 2008
name: Carmen Garrido <>
country: USA

comments: I Looove your website, it is sooo whimsical
Fri Sep 19 20:39:58 2008
name: Brandon <Rodriguez>
country: Germany

comments: Thank you for letting me reed on line. I miss my Libtrary in San Antonio, Tx
Thu Sep 18 18:26:14 2008
name: Cattywumpass <>
country: USA

comments: There is somebody selling illustrated antique children's books on ebay for 10 for the DVD and 4 for shipping. I don't know if they have gotten all the images and text from you.
Thu Sep 18 10:29:57 2008

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