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Grandfather Frog Stays in the Smiling Pool: македонски

1-2-3 Picture Book

ABC Bicycle Book

Abdul of Arabia

About Bunnies

Adventure of Walter and the Rabbits

The Adventures of Mr. Mocker

Adventures of Sonny Bear

The Adventures of Squirrel Fluffytail

Adventures of the Teenie Weenies

Aesop's Fables Book 1

Aesop's Fables Book 2

Aesop's Fables Book 3

De Avonturen Van Klienen Piet

Aladdin, or The Wonderful Lamp

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

All the Funny Folks

Appleton's School Readers - First Reader

Around the Week

Around the World in a Berry Wagon

At Home

Aunt Louisa's Child's Delight

Aunt Louisa's Wee Wee Stories

Away We Go

Babes and Blossoms


Baby's ABC Book


The Bashful Earthquake

The Bear Garden

The Bear Who Never Was Cross

Beautiful Book of Nursery Rhymes

Beauty and the Beast and Other Stories

The Bee Who Would Not Work

Belle River Friends in Wings and Feathers

Beppo the Donkey

Betty, Bobby and Bubbles

Betty Fairy Book

Betty June and Her Friends

Billy Whiskers

Bird Children

Bitty and the Bears

Black Beauty

Blue Beard

Bluebeard and Other Stories

Blue Nets and Red Sails

Bobbie Bubbles

Bobby Coon's Mistake

Bo-bo the Pig Is Good and Bad

Bonny Bairns

Book of Toasts

Boston Tea Party

Boys and Girls from Storyland

The Brave Tin Soldier

The Bremen Band

Brownie - The Little Bear Who Liked People

The Bubble Book

Buddy Jim

The Building of a Ship

The Bunnies' Party

Bunny Brothers



Cat's Cradle

The Cats' Party


Children Stories

Children of the Wigwam

Childs First Book

The Child's First Reader

A Child's Garden of Verses

Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper

La Civilité

The Cock, the Mouse and the Little Red Hen

Coco the Goat

Comic Animal Stories

The Comical Cruises of Captain Cooky

Conquerors of the Sea

Country Friends

The Creation of Woman

Cupid's Capers

Daisy Dingle


David Copperfield

Davy and the Goblin

Denslow's Night Before Christmas

The Diverting History of John Gilpin

The Doings of Bobby and Betty

Dolly and Dan and the Dimpledees

Dolly and Molly at the Seashore

Dotzie the Dancey Duck

Down Spider Web Lane

The Early Sea People

Eddie Elephant

Editha's Burglar

An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog

Enchantment Tales for Children

Eneas Africanus

Eugene Field Reader

Everyday Classics Second Reader

Fairy A B C

Fairy Tales for Little People

Fairy Tales of All Nations

Farmer Fox

Farm Friends Story Book

Father Bear and Bobby Bear

Father Bunny and his Birds

Father Gander's Melodies

Die Feindlichen Nachebarn

Fifty Indian Legends

The Fire Engine that Grew Too Old

The First Circus

Five Little Pigs

Floral Fairies

The Flying Carpet

Four Footed Folk

Frances and Henry

The Frog Who Would

Frontier Days

The F-U-N Book

Funny Animals Alphabet

General Jack

The Gingerbread Dog

The Golden Fish

The Golden Goblin

The Golden Goose

Golden Playdays

Golden Rod Storybook

A Good Little Dog

Goops and How To Be Them

The Grammatic Reader vol. II

Grampa In Oz

Grandfather Frog Stays in the Smiling Pool

Grandma's Attic Treasures

Le Grand Napoleon des Petits Enfans

Grasshopper Green and the Meadow Mice

A Great Joke on Jimmy Skunk

Greta and Peter in Good Luck Land

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Grunty Grunts and Smiley Smile Indoors

Gulliver's Travels

Happy Hour Stories

The Happy Story Book

Harry's Garden

Having Fun


Here's Juggins

Heroes and Heroines

Hillside Farm

A History of Animals

The History of the Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

History of the United States

Holiday Time at Butternut Hill

Holland Kiddies

The Hollow Tree Snowed-In Book

Honesty is the Best Policy

The Horkey

How Freckle Frog Made Herself Pretty

How Punky Dunk Helped Old Prince

How Sing Found the World is Round

How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers

Humpty Dumpty and Some Other Funny People

The Hungry Steam Shovel

In the Nursery of My Bookhouse-Volume 1, Part 1

In the Nursery of My Bookhouse-Volume 1, Part 2

In the Nursery of My Bookhouse-Volume 1, Part 3

In the Nursery of My Bookhouse-Volume 1, Part 4


Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack the Giant Killer

Jack-the-Jumper and the Little Boy

Jeanne d'Arc

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc (Abridged edition)

Johnny Crow's Garden

Jolly Animal ABC

Jolly Jingles

Jon Duan


Jumbo the Elephant Comes Home

Jungle Babies

Kala of Hawaii

The Kasîdah of Hâjî Abdû El-Yezdî

Kate Greenaway's Book of Games

Katie Story Books Book 1

Katie Story Books Book 2

Kiddies in the Country


The King of the Golden River

Kintu a Congo Adventure

Kling Klang Gloria

Knights of the Grail

The Ladder of Rickety Rungs

The Land of Nod

The Last American

Little Babs

Little Bear and his Friends

Little Big-Bye-and-Bye

The Little Black and White Lamb

Little Black Quasha

Little Bo Peep

Little Br'er Rabbit

Little Bunnie Bunniekin

Little Codfish Cabot at Harvard

Little Fairy Pictures

The Little Fairy Sister

Little Heiskell

Little Jack Rabbit and Danny Fox

Little Karl

The Little Lame Prince

Little Miss Muffet

Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country

The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings

The Little Red Balloon

The Little Red Hen

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Slam Bang

Little Sweet-Hearts

The Little Traveler

The Little Wise Chicken That Knew It All

London Town

Loraine and the Little People

Louis Wain Kitten Book


The Magic Clothes-pins

Marigold Garden

Marigold's Pony

The Marquis of Carabas

Max und Moritz

The May Blossom

McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader

A Merry Alphabet

Merry Alphabet A to Z

Merry Childhood

A Merry Coasting Party

Merry Little People

Metropolitan Mother Goose

Micco - A Seminole Indian Boy


Miss Muffet's Christmas Party

Morning Star

Mother Fairy-Tales

Mother Goose's Complete Melodies

Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes

Mother Goose Gems

Mother Goose Jingles

Mother Goose Melodies

Mother Goose Rhymes

Mother Goose Village

Mother Hubbard and Her Dog

Mother Nature's Cheerful Children

Mother's Story Book

Mrs. Bunnykins' Busy Day

The Muffin Shop

My Book of Cats and Dogs

My Dobbin

My Favorite Nursery Stories

My First Book

My New Book

My Very First Little Reading Book

My Very Own Fairy Stories


Nature Stories for Children

Nature's Wonder Book

The Neatness of Bobby Coon

Ned the Cowboy

Ned the Indian

Nellie's Christmas Eve

New Adventures of Alice

A New Story of Peter Rabbit

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

Nixie Bunny in Manners-Land

Now We are Six

Nursery Friends from France

The Nursery Play Book

Old Father Time

Old Glory

Old King Cole

Old Roly Bear

Old Time Pictures and Rhymes

Olga of Norway

One Little Penny

One Syllable Primer

Opera Guyed

The Original Mother Goose Rhymes

Otto of the Silver Hand

Our Book World - Playing Days

Our Jungle Friends

Over the Hills and Far Away

Over the Rainbow Bridge

The Owl and the Bee

Paddy's Surpise Visitor

Pania of the Reef

Pansy Eyes

The Pathway to Reading

The Pathway to Reading, Second Reader

Peeps the Really Truly Sunshine Fairy

Pelle's New Suit

Penguin Island

Pepper & Salt

Peppermint Puss

The Pet Bubble Book

The Pet Elephant

The Peter-Pan Twins are Glad to Help

The Peter-Pan Twins are Now in School

Peter Piper's Playmates

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit by Harrison Cady

Peter Rabbit and His Ma

Peter Rabbit and His Pa

Peter Rabbit and Jimmy Chipmunk

Peter Rabbit and Little White Rabbit

Peter Rabbit and Sammy Squirrel

Peter Rabbit at the Circus

Peter Rabbit Decides to Change his Name

Peter Rabbit Goes To School

Peter Rabbit's Christmas

Peter Rabbit's Easter

Peter Rabbit's Wedding

Philip of Texas

Picture Alphabet

Picture Primer

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Pilgrim's Progress

Pinky Winky Dog Book


Pirates and Great Sea Rovers

Play Fellows

Playtime for the Peter-Pan Twins

The Pleasant Verse & Prose Storybook

The Princess of Cozytown

The Progressive Road to Reading

The Progressive Road to Reading - Book One

The Progressive Road to Reading; Story Steps

Proverbs for the Nursery

Les Provinces de France Illustrées

Pumpkin Pie Stories

Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish

Punky Dunk and the Mouse

Punky Dunk and the Spotted Pup

Puss in Boots

Puss-In-Boots, Jr. and Old Mother Goose

The Raccoon

Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land

Raggedy Ann's Alphabet Book

Raggedy Ann's Lucky Pennies

Raggedy Ann's Magical Wishes

Raggedy Ann's Wishing Pebble

Rambling Rhymes for Little Ones

Randolph Caldecott's Graphic Pictures

Rays of Sunshine

R. Caldercott's Picture Book No. 3

R. Caldercott's Picture Book No. 4

Really So Stories

Red Feather

Reddy Fox's Sudden Engagement

The Rejuvenation of Mama and Papa Goose

The Rhyme Book

Rhymes for Kindly Children

Rich Mrs. Duck, Dog's Dinner Party

A Riddle Book

Ring O' Roses

Rinkitink In Oz

The Robber Kitten

A Robber Meets his Match

Robin Hood

Robinson Crusoe

Rootabaga Stories

The Rose and the Ring

Rosebud Stories

The Rubaiyat of a Bachelor

The Sad Fate of Poor Robin

The Sandman's Hour

The Scarlet Letter

School Opens on Butternut Hill

Short History of Discovery

Sing a Song for Sixpence

Ska-Denge (Beaver for Revenge)

The Skating Gander

Snappy the Puppy-Dog

Snip and Snap and the Billy Goat

Snip and Snap and the Poll Parrot

Snowshoe Al's Bed Time Storries

Snowy Tail - A Champion Jack Rabbit

Something to Find

Songs of Childhood

Springtide of Life

Stories by Cousin Agnes

Stories of Great American Scouts

The Story Book of Coal

The Story Book of Houses

The Story of Four Little Sabots

Story Fun

Story Hour - Book Two

The Story of Noah's Ark

The Story of a Saucy Squirrel

The Story of Sir Launcelot and his Companions

Stubbington Manor


Sunbonnet Babies in Mother Goose Land

Sunny Crest Farmyard

Sunshine ABC

Swanee River (Old Folks At Home)

Swift the Kit Fox

The Tailor of Gloucester

Take Your Place In The Forest

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

The Tale of Ferdinand Frog

The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

The Tale of Henrietta Hen

The Tale of Johnny Mouse

The Tale of Little Pig Robinson

The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher

The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse

The Tale of Nimble Deer

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Pigling Bland

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes

The Tale of Tom Kitten

Tales from the Crescent Moon

Tales from Shakespeare

Tales of Little Cats


The Three Bears

Three Bears: Graham Edition

Three Blind Mice

The Three Golden Apples

The Three Little Bears

Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs

Through Fairy Halls, part 1

Through Fairy Halls, part 2

Through Fairy Halls, part 3

Through Fairy Halls, part 4

Through Fairy Halls, part 5

Through Fairy Halls, part 6

Through Fairy Halls, part 7

Tin y Tina

Tiny Men and Maidens

The Toddles Twins

Tom and Betty

Tom Thumb

Tommy Snooks

Tommy Turkey

The Traveling Bears Across the Sea

Twinkle and Chubbins

Two in a Zoo

The Ugly Duckling

Uncle Sam's Blue Jackets Afloat

Uncle Wiggily and his Flying Rug

Uncle Wiggily Plays Indian Hunter

Uncle Wiggily's Auto Sled

Uncle Wiggily's June Bug Friends

Uncle Wiggily's Squirt Gun

Uncle Wiggily's Wash Tub Ship

The Unselfish Pig

The Vision of Sir Launfal

A Visit from Santa Claus

War of the Wooden Soldiers

Wee Tony

When Life is Young

When We Were Very Young

Where Was the Little White Dog?

The White Cat

The White Company

Why the Chimes Rang

Wild Animals

Wilhelmina of Holland

Winkle, Twinkle and Lollypop

The Wise Mamma Goose

The Wish Fairy of the Sunshine and Shadow Forest

The Wonder Clock

Wonderful Clownie Circus

The Woodcutter's Son

The Young and Field Literary Readers Vol. 2

Young Flash the Deer

Zodiac Town

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