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This online library of illustrated books is a volunteer-driven project. It has grown slowly since 1996 from the work of a single man and a handful of books, to a vibrant volunteer-driven organization publishing new books and translations every week.

As you explore our library, we hope you will find a comfortable niche or two in these tens of thousands of beautifully illustrated pages that our dedicated volunteers have gathered together over the years.

After all, if a library's reach cannot exceed its grasp, then what's a website for?

To the library.


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Translators Needed

We are currently including translations of these books into the world's languages, and plan to include sound files, so that all children world-wide can read and listen to these stories. If you would like to volunteer to translate any of these stories or books, or you would like to contribute to this worthwhile project, please contact: Guy Chocensky, President. The Rosetta Project is designed to be an online library for all the world's children, and we hope that people from around the world will join us in this effort.

If you have any fine illustrated antique children's books, no matter what language they are published in, we would like to include them in this collection. If you would like to contribute your book to this project, please contact our: Director of Acquisitions.

This online library is made possible in part thanks to a generous donation from:

The John and Frances Beck Foundation
and from viewers like you.

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