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country: florida

comments: i love BOOKS vere much
Sun Mar 29 1:13:38 2009
name: Estrella <>
country: USA

comments: great to have this resource
Sat Mar 28 14:11:44 2009
name: Chelle

comments: Hi I think this is a great website that everyone should add as a favorite to there children's internet experience.
Wed Mar 25 21:19:24 2009
name: Linda Robbins <>
country: USA

comments: Please add me to your guestbook.
Wed Mar 25 16:10:20 2009
name: helen blackburn <>
country: usa

comments: Love this site for use with the ELMO
Wed Mar 25 9:44:41 2009
name: Alk <Advocateghk@>
country: India

comments: Hello
Wed Mar 25 1:55:17 2009
name: darlene <>
country: USA

comments: just came in to this industry and wanted to see what children are reading. Great site. thank you.
Mon Mar 23 11:46:06 2009
name: mandi <>
country: USA

comments: jj
Thu Mar 19 12:38:41 2009
name: Amanda <>

comments: great site
Sun Mar 15 1:00:00 2009
name: Gavin Fenton
country: South Africa

comments: Fantastic and what a great idea
Fri Mar 13 2:30:42 2009
name: keseam <>
country: usa

comments: your stuip
Tue Mar 10 20:08:07 2009
name: peter

comments: what??
Mon Mar 9 23:18:10 2009
name: Robbie Scifres <>
country: Texas

comments: i am a retired children's librarian. what a wonderful thing, a website dedicated to children and books!
Mon Mar 9 19:59:56 2009
name: annanomus <" " ">
country: q.l.d

comments: I think you need a better front page and more books for us kids.
Wed Mar 4 3:52:51 2009
name: Byron Hertslet <>
country: U. S.

comments: In cleaning out my parent's house, I have found numerous 1st Edition children's books
Mon Mar 2 13:27:35 2009
name: Brenda Maxwell

comments: Looking for cildren's books online for ages EC-K.
Sat Feb 28 16:58:27 2009
name: floyd <>
country: China

comments: I'm a middle school English teacher. I want to tell more interesting stories to my students.
Thu Feb 26 3:37:41 2009
name: kelly ettinger <>
country: usa

comments: thanks 4 all the books i can read to my children 2-25-2009
Wed Feb 25 17:32:11 2009
name: Connie Shealy <>
country: USA

comments: Awesome resourse for my classroom
Wed Feb 25 11:41:19 2009
name: Max <baseballplaya551@yahoo.cob>
country: Italia

comments: I love you. You make every day A great day. You are simply this, amazing.
Sun Feb 22 21:41:17 2009
name: Peggy Kooyers <>
country: USA

comments: Good Site
Tue Feb 17 17:44:19 2009
name: Bernita <>
country: indonesia

comments: thanks to the book
Mon Feb 16 10:16:20 2009
name: seura <>
country: Canada

comments: I love this website
Sun Feb 15 21:44:43 2009
name: Kary Ulfsax <>
country: USA

comments: I am a teacher and I appreciate any free books that I can get.
Thu Feb 12 16:59:22 2009
name: roxann <>
country: Amairica

comments: to me this site is ausome i would like to stay on the this site all night long
Tue Feb 10 22:06:22 2009
name: daan <>

comments: Is it always snowing over there?
Tue Feb 10 15:48:15 2009
name: Jennifer Fishencord

comments: Just looking for online books for my classroom.
Sun Feb 8 18:25:16 2009
name: Stephanie Q.
country: Austria

comments: Very nice site. Brings about my childhood memories. the pictures are wonderful!
Sat Feb 7 3:17:06 2009
name: amir khan <>
country: pakistan

comments: send me some books for children
Fri Feb 6 14:56:54 2009
name: Bethany <>
country: Great britan

comments: I just love to read it is the best thing ever
Sun Feb 1 13:23:07 2009
name: Shweta

comments: Great world for kids!!!
Wed Jan 28 22:45:09 2009
name: Kathleen Bradley <>
country: USA

comments: I have two volumes called "questions Young People Ask Answers That Work" Exceptional for youth that have serious questions that need to be addressed with truthful answers that can change their lives in a wonderful way. I would love to share them with everyone.
Mon Jan 26 0:06:28 2009
name: Edith Maurer <>
country: USA

comments: Thanks for making this site available
Sun Jan 25 9:56:24 2009
name: octavio <>
country: USA

comments: I would like learning materials for children.
Sat Jan 24 16:53:10 2009
name: Filippo

comments: great initiative!
Sat Jan 24 6:10:34 2009
name: miris <>
country: usa

comments: pretty interesting website
Wed Jan 21 19:46:24 2009
name: Anita Lock <>
country: United States

comments: This is great!!!!
Mon Jan 19 10:27:52 2009
name: Ms Mary < >
country: USA

comments: Thank you
Sun Jan 18 22:32:57 2009
name: Judy Dague <>
country: USA

comments: Do you have an index to the Sea .Fairy. Also, if you want a proofreader, I am a 3 year veteran at Project Gutenberg
Sun Jan 18 19:21:29 2009
name: sue <>
country: usa

comments: would like to view online audio library
Sat Jan 17 13:45:06 2009
name: Angela Moss <>
country: USA

comments: Looking for free online books for my children to because I do not have a car to take them to the library.
Sat Jan 17 12:05:43 2009
name: Susannah Wollman <>
country: USA

comments: Thank you for making these stories available!
Thu Jan 15 18:00:23 2009
name: Harriett B. Teel <>
country: USA

comments: Wow! I love old children's books that are out of print! What a great website!
Thu Jan 15 11:35:01 2009
name: james beatty
country: u.s.

comments: using this to help for school
Tue Jan 13 17:33:21 2009
name: mohit <>
country: India

comments: classical children books
Fri Jan 9 5:13:58 2009
name: Maggie Hurll <>
country: USA

comments: This marvelous website appeared nearly 30 minutes after I began looking for books/stories for children -- between the ages of 4-7. I am a volunteer in a daycare program nearby. Always looking for something new. Your website seems TGTBT (too good to be true)..May I sample a few of your titles and share them at the daycare center nearby (it is a YWCA center and I am a registered volunteer there). The group I volunteer with (there are 2 teaches in this group) is made up of 16 children, more or less and it's important that I keep 'feeding them well" in the 4 hours each week I am there. I would love to use a few of these titles IF this is all right with you. Best regards, Thank you for this beautiful beautiful website. Maggie Hurll 166 Sandpiper Avenue Royal Palm Beach FL 33411
Thu Jan 8 21:03:28 2009
name: shon(ma)&maki(son) <>
country: usa

comments: just found your site we are getting ready to browse through it. looking forward to find some great books to read to me son. thank you
Tue Jan 6 11:59:29 2009
name: Janet Burton <>
country: USA

comments: I sent an E-mail...please let me know if you received it...about "PeeWee & Me" ISBN: 978-1-4363-7449-1 Janet
Sat Jan 3 11:28:27 2009
name: chesley mcnulty <>
country: canada

comments: I love books and i think you should make a book reader where it can read the books to the people thank you
Fri Jan 2 10:29:09 2009

Thu Jan 1 21:09:04 2009

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